Open Tue - Sat 10 to 12 am - 2.30 to 7 pm. Sunday 10-12 am


Freely choose the wines you want to enjoy from our selection of 40 Burgundies available by the glass from our Enomatic wine dispensers. You have the choice between a tasting dose of 30 ml (equivalent to 4 mouthfulls), or a 60 ml glass if you prefer to savour only a wine or two for your pleasure.

Our cards are available in amounts or rechargeable credit minimum of € 5 and then in increments of € 5 extra. Of course you can share a card with several people.

When you purchase a card of € 20 or more, we offer you 2 € free extra tasting.
When you purchase a card of € 40 or more, we offer you 5 € free extra tasting.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Please enjoy and taste our Burgundy wines by the glass in Beaune responsibly.